Alien Hive Tips | Evolving A Supreme Alien Being With No Money Down

Here are some alien hive tips. Learn how to evolve a supreme alien being with no money down.

Have you played Alien Hive and got frustrated? You run out of moves before you can evolve a supreme alien being? No matter how you try, you just couldn’t do it?

I have figured out a way to evolve a supreme alien being without having to purchase any additional gold or power ups with real money. I’ve tested and perfected my strategy. It works and here’s proof. Screenshots of my hive of 24 supreme beings all evolved.



My strategy isn’t the only way to evolve the aliens but I find that it is fail-proof. It might become a spoiler for you. So, think before you carry on reading (^_^).


You will need to know how to use the power items available to your advantage. The picture above shows you all the power items and what they are for. The Magic Fruit, Converter and Bot Killer are the most useful, especially the Magic Fruit. It is crucial to my strategy.


1. Accumulate Magic Fruits

Take note that you can’t evolve a supreme being in one single game. You need to plan to play at least 4 games depending on how good you are at the game.

The goal for each game is to accumulate magic fruits. Do not use your magic fruits at all until you have accumulated at least 12. If you are still trying to evolve your first alien, I suggest you accumulate more than 12. 16 perhaps, in case you are running out of energy (moves) and need to evolve lower level aliens.

Now, the natural way to evolve aliens is to match 3 aliens of the same level. Evolving 3 alien eggs into a baby alien isn’t that hard but this game is designed in a way that there are almost always insufficient energy/moves to reach a supreme being in a single game. Many players have complained that all they could usually reach is the alien cocoon.

The magic fruit allows you to evolve a higher level alien with only a pair of lower level aliens. It saves you the energy/moves needed to evolve the 3rd alien. You can, of course, buy the magic fruits but they aren’t cheap; 3000 gold. And the whole point is to not use real money to play this game. So, create and accumulate magic fruits by playing instead.


2. So, how do you create magic fruits?

By matching the plants. See the first part of the picture below.


Start playing the game with the intention of matching plants. Don’t waste your moves on evolving aliens at this point. Focus on making and accumulating magic fruits by matching plants. Try to make as many as possible in each game. If you are really good at the game (see tips and tricks below), you can perhaps make 3 or 4 per game.


When you have enough magic fruits (12 or more), you can start the final game.

1. Increase energy/moves with Converters

The converter converts all alien eggs into crystals. Your game will most likely have the most alien eggs at the beginning of the game.

The first move of your evolution game is to apply the converter. It will immediately convert all alien eggs on your board into crystals and all matched crystals will merge to give you additional moves. If you are lucky, you may end up with 150 to 200 moves when the matching comes to a stop.

2. Focus on evolving aliens

Try to match the alien eggs until you get 2 alien babies to line up side by side. Apply a magic fruit to the pair to evolve them into a higher level alien. Continue to do this until you have your second pair and apply the magic fruit again.

I hope you get where I am heading with this. Every time a pair of same level alien is lined up, apply the magic fruit. Do not waste moves evolving too many same level aliens. Evolve enough to allow you to move up to the next level until you get your supreme being.

I hope you try this out and don’t give up if your first attempt fails. My first attempt fell short of just one more evolution. I ran out of magic fruits. I started from scratch again and accumulated more fruits and eventually evolve my first alien. After the first one, the rest is easier because you will have a lot more gold and points to buy converters, blasters and bot killers to help you save moves.


Look at the whole board, don’t just focus on the area surrounding the empty slot. It means that when you move the tiles around, don’t just move one or two, move the entire row or a sizeable portion of the row. Even if you can’t see what may happen, it actually helps.

I also find moving the tiles horizontally more helpful than vertically. Multiple matches seem to happen more frequently when I do that.

What to do with the naughty bots?

Blast them off with the bot killer. If you can “endure” until there are 4-5 bots on your board, your bot killer will be very efficient. However, if you find that you are wasting many moves trying to get around them, then just blast them off. Saving your moves are more important than saving your bot killers or blasters.

If you haven’t played Alien Hive yet, install it from the following App stores:

  1. Alien Hive at itunes
  2. Alien Hive at Google Play