Cooking Shrimp Ball Soup With Straw Mushrooms

Inspiration hits this weekend and I whipped up some shrimp ball soup using the recipe from my soup recipe website.

Taking some photos of the finished product for this recipe has been on my to-do list for so long but I didn’t have the mojo to do it. It is a good thing I have it now. Better capitalize on it.

I chopped the shrimps by hand, with a small knife. A food processor would have been better but my sister didn’t have it at her place (I was staying with her over the weekend).

I added the seasonings and mixed thoroughly.

I used a teaspoon to help size and shape the shrimp balls. I scooped about a teaspoonful onto the palm of my hand. It is not too sticky and I shaped it using the teaspoon and my hand.

I can drop the balls straight into boiling water but decided to lay them out on a plate first for a photo.

The shrimp balls after the “hot bath”.

I made the soup stock from the shrimp shells and heads. After removing the shells and heads, I reheated the stock and added a soup stock cube (bouillion).

I then added straw mushrooms that I bought from the supermarket. Canned of course. The shrimp balls went in last. It needed a little bit more salt and pepper before serving.

It was served with stir-fried broccoli with straw mushrooms and garlic and shrimp-flavored short-grained rice.

I am not boasting but it was really quite good. I should cook more often. 🙂