Egg Carrier – Retro Style

Elsie and I have been making it a point of visiting the Kreta Ayer Wet Market to buy fresh produce to cook our weekend meals.

We were re-discovering the pleasure of shopping in a wet market. Something that we hadn’t done for a long time.

I used to accompany my grandma to the market and helped her carry our “spoils” home.

Pleasant memories surfaced as we strolled pass aisles of stalls. There are fewer stalls and it is less bustling now. But surprises still abound.

Like this…

2 recycled cardboard molded egg trays tied together with raffia string with 10 eggs snuggled tightly within. Safe from hard knocks and breakage.

The last time Elsie bought eggs, they were placed in a plastic bag. She was so worried about breaking them. This time, she was swinging them.

With green living and green packaging coming back in style, maybe we will see more of these cardboard egg trays.

I hope so.