Lose fat not weight!

That is what has been on my mind lately. Why? I’ll tell you. I know that I have been putting on weight since I started work at the university. My favourite pants and skirts are getting tight. Tops are getting too snug for comfort. Am I too happy at work [continue reading]

Running For Weight Loss – Training Guide For Beginners

One of the most efficient way to lose weight is a combination of running with a healthy diet. For beginners, some common sense techniques should be used to ease into running for weight loss. 1. Combine running with walking When you first start running, your muscles need to be trained [continue reading]

Running to lose weight – Important Things To Know Before Starting It

Running to lose weight is a very popular choice for people trying to lose pounds and burn calories. This activity is considered very effective if it’s done right. But there are some things to plan ahead in order to enjoy the full benefits of running to lose weight. If you [continue reading]

Badminton And Table Tennis

A colleague started a regular table tennis session with some other colleagues and I started to join them recently. My first table tennis session was very enjoyable. The last time I played table tennis was in secondary school and I was surprised that I could still manage a few rallies [continue reading]

Exercising in High Heels – New way to tone your calves and look sexy!

Well, I was watching E! entertainment recently and there was an interview with a Dancing with the Stars celebrity. And her secret to toned legs and calves is to do squats with her high heels on!And mind you, its not the 1and-half inch pumps, it’s the 3-inch stiletto killer heels [continue reading]

Jogging At Yunnan Garden

In a previous post on exercising, I mentioned what my sister said about how some favorite quick songs can help enhance the jogging experience. I wanted to try her theory out. I had my chance on Wednesday. First, I compiled a couple of my favorite songs into a jogging playlist [continue reading]

Book - 3 Hour Diet

The 3-Hour Diet – How Much Should I Eat?

How Much Should I Eat? Well, Jorge Cruise employs a 3-Day Diet Plate Visualization Technique in his book The 3-Hour Diet. He suggests starting with a 9-inch dinner plate. Then visualize having half potion of vegetables, the other half about equally divided into carbohydrate (another visualization trick is to think [continue reading]

The 3-Hour Diet – How do I begin? Follow the 3 Simple Rules

After getting a grasp of why eating every 3 hours works to help me lose weight (see previous post “Why 3 Hours“, I am revving to start. And Jorge’s book promised that it’s going to be simple, actually there are only 3, Yes, 3 rules to follow. So let’s see [continue reading]