I Sing Hosanna – worship album from New Creation Church

I Sing Hosanna is produced by New Creation Church, Singapore.

Album cover for I Sing Hosanna

Album cover for I Sing Hosanna


Hosanna is a word of Hebrew origin. It is made up of 2 words: yasha and na. It means “Save now, I pray“.

There are 13 brand new songs in the album, worshipping and praising Jesus Christ for his awesome saving grace. My favorites are The Highest Praise, Until the End, You’re My Glory and Unmerited Favour.

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Track Listing

Click the titles for the lyrics. I am sorry that I do not have chords to these songs.

  1. Every Day Of My Life
  2. The Highest Praise
  3. Freely Forgiven
  4. Your Saving Grace
  5. Until The End
  6. Grace Unrelenting
  7. Love’s Sacrifice
  8. I Sing Hosanna
  9. You’re My Glory
  10. Here
  11. Restful Increase
  12. Unmerited Favour
  13. Beyond

I highly recommend this album. The impact of using it to help you worship our Lord Jesus and Abba God outweighs the price of the CD.