Lyrics for Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus is the answer … a familiar phrase for many christians. I have heard this used as a clever reply many times.

I am now beginning to appreciate the power of the phrase. Jesus is the answer to EVERYTHING. He said that He is the way, the truth and the life. He said that there is only one thing needful: sit at his feet.

When Jesus is the answer, then the answer is not in my own mind.

Recently I was vexed by circumstances in my life. I cannot change anything about the circumstances. But I realized when I cast my vexations to Jesus and go to Him, just spend time with Him, the circumstances started to change.

When Jesus is the answer, then the answer is not in someone else’s mind.

When I trust and rely on family and friends, they let me down. Not all the time but there are times they are not there for me. Can’t blame them, they are busy with their own lives too. Jesus’ name is also Immanuel, which means God with me. When I realized that, I no longer feel alone and helpless to face my challenges. Jesus is there with me.

When Jesus is the answer, then the answer is not in man-made systems.

I used to read a lot of self-development books. I thought that if only I can practice what they write, I’ll be a better person. But I always fail to keep practising. I last about 2 weeks, that’s it. Now I understand that I cannot make myself better. God sees me perfect in Jesus Christ. And with Christ in me, I have the peace and power to be a better person.

I really like the song Jesus is the answer. It is a old rendition but so good.