Dreamy Mitts

Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Ideas I Am Keeping

Summary: Fingerless gloves knitting pattern ideas covering the whole range of construction, with and without thumb gusset. My secret reason for doing fingerless gloves or mitts is because I do not know how to knit up the fingers neatly. I always end up with gaping holes in between the fingers. [continue reading]

knitted heart

Free toy knitting patterns I want to try

A list of free toy knitting patterns for monsters, shapes, alphabet, food, plants, sports and vehicles that I have compiled. It is amazing how many knitted toys are animals and teddy bears. But there are so many other knitted toy ideas that I have come across. Since I already have separate lists [continue reading]

knitted owl

List of Free Toy Animal Knitting Patterns I Want To Knit

A list of free toy animal knitting patterns that I compiled while surfing the Internet. I tried to cover a number of animals including domestic and wild animals. Why Knit Toy Animals Knitted toy animals make great gifts especially for non knitters than socks, sweaters or scarves. You don’t have [continue reading]

List of Free Knitting Patterns For Dolls I Want To Knit

A list of free knitting patterns for dolls compiled for my reference.  Move aside Barbie! Here comes hand knitted dolls that are just as fun and lovely. 1. Paton’s Rose Fairly Doll Click here for the Rose Fairy Doll knitting pattern This is such a lovely doll pattern. Perfect for [continue reading]

Free Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern Ideas I Want To Try

This is a list of teddy bear knitting pattern ideas that I compiled. I like quirky construction and especially those that can be knitted in one piece although I did include a few patterns that have quite a few pieces to sew up just because they are too cute to [continue reading]

Yarn Galore

My Knitting Story

This is my knitting story; how I become entangled in yarn. The first pair of knitting needles I encountered in my life belongs to my sister. She studied in a convent girls’ school and was expected to know how to be a lady which included knitting. To say she has [continue reading]

Garter Stitch Squares Bag

Knitting Pattern for Garter Stitch Square Bag

I have been knitting this bag for the past 2 months. It is made up of squares knitted in garter stitch using black and white yarn. I am very pleased with the finished product. It looks difficult but is actually quite easy. I have a little mental block with the [continue reading]

Dreamy Mitts

Pattern Review for Hand Springs Fingerless Mitts

This is a pattern review for Hand Springs Fingerless Mitts by Micol Day, a free pattern. The pattern consists of written instructions and a chart pattern. The creator isn’t a professional knitting pattern designer and the pattern doesn’t follow the typical structure. It does, however, contain quite a bit of [continue reading]

Garter Stitch Square - RS and WS views

Garter Stitch Knitting: Techniques and Patterns

I really like garter stitch knitting. It is a super easy technique for beginners. It produces a squishy, sturdy and flat piece of knitted work, and I can watch TV while I knit. What is garter stitch knitting? I hope you already know that there are 2 basic stitches in [continue reading]

Cashmere yarn from 温妃儿

2 Knitting Projects using Grey Cashmere Yarn

I bought a few skeins of grey cashmere yarns from Taobao.com and they were fabulously soft and squishy. It took me a while to decide what to use them for. In the end, here’s what they became. 1. Featherweight Cardigan I used the Featherweight cardigan pattern designed by Hannah Fettig. [continue reading]

Aran Cable Tote Bag

Knitting Pattern for Aran Cable Tote Bag

This knitting pattern for the Aran cable tote bag is inspired by the Aran laptop cover pattern at Canadian Living’s website. It is not a very big bag, just enough for my wallet, mobile phone, tissue and some knick knacks. The central panel is made up of a wild oak [continue reading]

Garter Stitch on a Bias Dumpling Bag

Knitting Pattern for Garter Stitch on a Bias Bag

I got up close and personal with the garter stitch when I was working on the garter stitch square bag. I like the thickness it produces and how it doesn’t curl like the stockinette stitch. I used it again recently on a handbag using 4 ply sock yarn. I discovered [continue reading]