Garter Stitch Squares Bag

Knitting Pattern for Garter Stitch Square Bag

I have been knitting this bag for the past 2 months. It is made up of squares knitted in garter stitch using black and white yarn. I am very pleased with the finished product. It looks difficult but is actually quite easy. I have a little mental block with the [continue reading]

Aran Cable Tote Bag

Knitting Pattern for Aran Cable Tote Bag

This knitting pattern for the Aran cable tote bag is inspired by the Aran laptop cover pattern at Canadian Living’s website. It is not a very big bag, just enough for my wallet, mobile phone, tissue and some knick knacks. The central panel is made up of a wild oak [continue reading]

Garter Stitch on a Bias Dumpling Bag

Knitting Pattern for Garter Stitch on a Bias Bag

I got up close and personal with the garter stitch when I was working on the garter stitch square bag. I like the thickness it produces and how it doesn’t curl like the stockinette stitch. I used it again recently on a handbag using 4 ply sock yarn. I discovered [continue reading]

Garter Stitch Handbag

Knitting Pattern for Handbag Using Sock Yarn

This knitting pattern for a handbag using sock yarn was dreamt up by me after I bought some sock yarn from Simple Scarves. I have always wanted to use a sock yarn to make a bag because although I love the feel of sock yarn but I didn’t want to [continue reading]