Librarianship: The Complete Introduction by G.G. Chowdhury, Paul F. Burton and David McMenemy

This post is on this book: Librarianship: The Complete Introduction

Librarianship: an introduction

I picked this book up because it has a chapter on Marketing and libraries.

I haven’t studied Marketing as a student so I didn’t have any theoretical grounding regarding it. But as a library promotion librarian, I am involved in marketing my library, its services, resources and people. My boss tells me that I’m not marketing, just promoting. So I gather that marketing is a much broader subject matter than promoting. So, I was interested to see what academicians have to say about library marketing.

This book covers a wide range of topics related to librarianship and Chapter 24 is dedicated to Marketing.

I was hoping to get a good clear definition of what promotion mean. But I was disappointed. it did not define promotion. It merely mentioned that librarians have had to learn to be most proactive about promotion because marketing budgets are small and it is a challenge to compete with big companies who spend lots of money on promotion. Perhaps it is a given that everyone knows what promotion means so it is not necessary to define it? Perhaps I am dense. Perhaps it is a futile exercise to try and delineate the difference between Marketing and Promotion.

Lothy at mayitbe_books mentioned that this book is for students and new entrants to the profession. Perhaps that is why it does not have more in-depth discussion to satisfy the needs of current practitioners. However, I wonder if a book written for new librarians should draw out in more details one of the most challenging areas of work in the library world now.

In general, the book, to me, simplifies actual library work. Perhaps all written documents inevitably simplifies things. I don’t know. The book didn’t satisfy me and I won’t recommend it as a textbook as part of any library course curriculum.