Organizing Book Talks In The Library

Summary: My reflection of 3 important book talks I organised when I was a Communication librarian. The highlight of my first year at the NTU Libraries is the successful planning and organisation of 2 book talks featuring journalists. The first was Neil Humphreys and the second was Tom Plate.   [continue reading]

Screenshot of NLB Legal Deposit

Self-publishing a book? Make sure you get an ISBN and CIP data for it

An article about self-publishing a book, getting an ISBN and CIP data. This article was originally written for the January 2016 issue of NTU Libraries’ newsletter “Library Xpress”.  2 books lay on the table in front of me. Both are donated by a faculty member to the library. I think [continue reading]

Storytelling: An investigation of the process of learning during an Information Technology implementation at RMIT University

I have been meaning to clean up and upload my 2003 Master’s thesis. Today, finally, I decided that it should be done. So, here it is. I apologize for the long unsexy title. Not very library related I guess but a load of fun to write…from hindsight. Abstract Information Systems [continue reading]

Promotion of Library Resources and Services in an academic library |CALIS 2010

Presentation Slides for my presentation at the Conference of National Agricultural Information Centre in 2010 in Qingdao China.

My 3 handmade books

Bookings: Making Makerspaces for Artists’ Books | ARLISNA2014

Makerspaces in libraries is getting a lot of attention lately. Although well received and implemented in public libraries, academic libraries are still trying to explore what they can do with makerspaces. A number of makerspaces in academic libraries centred around cutting edge technology like 3D printing and multimedia editing tools. [continue reading]

Incorporating Technology: Apps for Reference and Teaching in Art and Architecture Libraries | ARLISNA2014

Incorporating Technology: Apps for Reference and Teaching in Art and Architecture libraries is a workshop. It introduces several apps that the presenters used at the reference desk in their libraries. After the group discussion, most of the academic librarians found the list wanting. The truth is, not many of the [continue reading]

Librarians & altmetrics : tools, tips and use cases

Librarians & altmetrics : tools, tips and use cases is a webinar hosted by Library Connect. My first webinar with Library Connect. The 3 presenters cover the following 3 topics: 1) What are altmetrics 2) Why it is relevant to a librarian 3) Research impact beyond counting Here’s the webinar [continue reading]

Exploring 6tag, an Instagram Photo App for the Window 8 Phone

Thing 2 of 23 Mobile Things: Philippines and Singapore is about photo apps. Photo applications help us manage the photos we took with our mobile phones. As I use a Window 8 Phone, I thought it would be good to showcase 6tag. It is a free WP8 photo application for [continue reading]

WOS Redesign Preview

Changes to ThomsonReuters’ Web Of Science

Thomson Reuters announced the launch of the re-design of their flagship search platform Web of Science recently. The change should take effect on Monday 13 January 2014. The TR team was here at NTU Library to brief the librarians about key changes. The first 2 changes are merely name changes: [continue reading]

Exploring Scimagojr, Journal Citation Reports and Altmetrics

In this post, I retrieved and presented listings of top journals from Scimagojr and Journal Citations Reports. Altmetrics is also briefly explored and I tried my hand at creating an altmetric count badge and embedded it. According to its website, The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a “portal that [continue reading]

ADML Current Periodical Shelves

Letting Art & Design Books and Journals “Sell” Themselves

When I first started work at the Art, Design & Media library, I felt that we were under-utilizing the beautiful covers of the art & design books and journals in the library to market the items themselves. When users walk into the library, immediately to their right are 3 current [continue reading]

Book - Getting Organized in the Google Era

Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas C. Merrill and James A. Martin

This post contains my thoughts after reading Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas C. Merrill and James A. Martin This is a book about personal information organization. It is about managing the information floating around us and our brains’ inability to contain it all without some help. A [continue reading]