Pandan Reservoir

Lyrics for 家 by Kit Chan

I grew up having to sing “nationalistic” songs throughout my schooling days. Songs like Stand up for Singapore… Count on me Singapore… Oh my God, hair-raising songs. I wonder how I survive without major brain damage. My point is, I became pretty jaded when it comes to patriotic songs when [continue reading]

Alien Hive by appxplore

Alien Hive Tips | Evolving A Supreme Alien Being With No Money Down

Here are some alien hive tips. Learn how to evolve a supreme alien being with no money down. Have you played Alien Hive and got frustrated? You run out of moves before you can evolve a supreme alien being? No matter how you try, you just couldn’t do it? I [continue reading]

Private Condo Pool

Singapore Property Market New Launches – Boutique Condo Developers’ Gimmicks

I noticed a slew of new Singapore property launches recently – the Central Suites @ geylang lor 25 and Centra Studios @lor 25a, Belle Calista, Loft@Rangoon, Viva Vista@ Pasir Panjang (launching soon)and the list goes on. I dug in more and noticed a few trends. FIRST, the developers are pushing [continue reading]

Eventful evening at Choa Chu Kang Park Connector – collision between cyclist and rollerblader

It’s started off as a leisure evening stroll along pangsua park connector (in Choa Chu Kang vicinity) on a Sat evening. I was making my way back home when the accident occurred. Actually I didnt notice the accident as I was too preoccupied with listening to the music on my [continue reading]

Album Cover for 同学会

Lyrics for 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切

郑展伦 has a new album or should it be called an extended play because there are only 6 songs in it. It is called 同学会 (translated roughly class gathering). The first song in the album caught my attention. It is 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切. The title looks familiar but I couldn’t really recall [continue reading]

Album Cover for 简单不简单

Lyrics of 没那麼简单 by 黄小琥

This song 没那麼简单 can be found in 黄小琥 latest album 简单/不简单. Launched on 18 December 2009. The lyrics speaks to a more mature female audience. It is not a weepy love lost song. It is not a happy found love song. It acknowledges the woman’s desire to find love yet [continue reading]

Album cover for Love Moments

Lyrics for 无言花 – A Contemporary Hokkien Song?

无言花 is another song in Jam Hsiao’s new album Love Moments. I mentioned this album when I was talking about this song: 如果没有你 which also appeared in the album. 无言花 is a Hokkien song originally sang by 江蕙 (Jiang Hui), a very popular Taiwanese Hokkien singer. It means, literally, speechless [continue reading]

Album cover for Love Moments

Lyrics for 如果没有你

Jam Hsiao has a new album out called Love Moments. It is a collection of songs originally sang by famous female singers. Singapore’s Stephanie Sun and Tanya Chua made the list. Yeah! It is interesting to see a young male singer cutting an album of songs made famous by leading [continue reading]

G Hotel Standard Room

Photos of G Hotel Singapore

Part of my weekend activity is to visit interesting places in Singapore, and the beautiful old architecture littered around China town and older parts of Singapore has always caught my attention. Some old shop houses are converted into boutique hotels – one of them is G-hotel. A contemporary looking boutique [continue reading]

9 End 2 Outs

Reaching 30 years old seems to be a major milestone in life everywhere. There have been so many dramas or films based on this theme. This Korean drama, also known as 2 Outs in the 9th Inning, starts off with the female protagonist reaching 30 years old and feeling like [continue reading]

Looking for last minute hotels? Singapore offer some of the Best Deals

Here are some Tips on how to find last minute hotels in Singapore and more. First Stop: Hotel Review Sites Finding the best deal for a hotel is not that difficult but it does take up a bit of your time to research. But for those last minute vacations, you [continue reading]

Boutique Hotel, Singapore – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When it comes to Boutique hotel, Singapore has it all! And if you are looking for last minute hotels, Singapore offers many more choices. Read on! What’s so “Boutique” about the hotel? Boutique hotels are typically unique properties operated by individuals or companies with a small collection. It is a [continue reading]