Singapore Botanic Gardens and Orchid Hybridization

  Orchid hybridization mixes and matches different orchid breeds to create new beautiful blossoms. I am very proud that Singapore Botanic Gardens is a pioneer and is one of the top centres for orchid research and hybridisation. I personally think that naming and presenting a new orchid hybrid to important [continue reading]

Scene of MV of I Love You by Position

A Trip Down Memory Lane with a Song I Love You by Position

I stumbled upon a music video by Position for “I Love You” on Youtube. It is in Korean but the tune is very familiar. I have heard it somewhere. It turned out that the song was originally in Japanese but has been covered by many singers in different languages. The [continue reading]

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier – film adaptations

I happened upon the 1997 TV adaptation of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier in Youtube. The full length version. So, I watched it. I remember trying to read this novel when I was a teenager. I couldn’t finish it. I couldn’t remember the reason now because I thought the TV [continue reading]

你们几个人分着吃这道菜 – 请用英语翻译

Singapore has a bilingual educational policy. I grew up learning 2 languages. English as the main medium of instruction and Mandarin as my mother tongue. I was fairly good in both and even dabble in a little translation. So, when I saw the following attempt (voted as Best Answer) to [continue reading]

Benjamin Zander, Classical Music and Leadership Principles

I first heard and saw Benjamin Zander when I was working at the National Library, Singapore. He is an American conductor from the United Kingdom. He was a very entertaining and inspiring speaker. His uniqueness lies in his ability to use classical music to explain leadership principles. I came across [continue reading]

Am I a patriotic Singaporean?

National Day is drawing near. The local radio stations saw it fit to start a ritual of broadcasting the “famous” National Day songs, like a countdown to the actual day. This morning, over the radio, I found out that the most popular National Day song, in a recent vote, is [continue reading]

Picture of Butterfly

This little butterfly was perched so gracefully on a little yellow flower going about its own business when a group of “mad people”, with all types of cameras, snapped away at it. I was at the Singapore Botanical Gardens with a group of friends. We went there to learn about [continue reading]

How To Change A Tire?

Do you know how to change a tire? The discussion over the radiowaves this morning was about driving training and testing in Singapore. Apparently, the parking segment of the practical driving test is going to be modified. The guiding posts are going to be removed altogether. This means that candidates [continue reading]


我经常和朋友说我的中文写作能力只有小学三年级的程度。意思浅浅。华文不好。 四月间为了访问武汉大学图书馆,花了近一个月的时间把几十张英文的幻灯片翻成华文。差点要了我的命。一个老友有一天不经意的说我写的中文字还是那么丑。我觉得还不错,经他一说,不禁有点泄气。 写是不行了。不过读,说和听还可以吧。 前天晚上还念了几首唐诗给姐姐听呢。还记得那是中学一年级的时候学的。当时不懂老师的心意还以为在刁难我们。 现在为了还能背几首唐诗而沾沾自喜。虽然受的是英文教育,现在工作也以英文为主,但还是比较喜欢读中文报,比较喜欢听华语歌。 毕竟是华人吧。 毕竟是母语吧。

Stockholm Syndrome in Singapore :)

Just finished reading a very interesting article titled “Stockholm Syndrome and Hostage Mentality” which describes the bonding that occurs between a hostage and his or her hostage-taker as a survival mechanism. The author George Kohlrieser highlighted several cases of real-life hostage situations whereby the hostages not only bonded with their [continue reading]

Singapore Postal Codes – revealing the meaning behind the codes

What’s in a number? You may ask. Well, the Singapore postal codes – a 6–digit string of numeral is the backbone of efficient postal delivery by the Singapore Post. For those of you wondering, Singapore postal codes started off life as humble 2 digits. Over the years, it has evolved [continue reading]

Singapore Flag

Singapore flag, Flag of Singapore

The Singapore flag consists of two equal horizontal sections, red above white. In the upper left section is a white crescent moon and 5 white stars forming a circle. I used to stare up at the flag of Singapore flapping on a flag pole for most of my school days [continue reading]