My Guinan Hat

This is my Guinan hat. Pattern instructions at It is my second attempt. The first one was so big there is still space after I cover my entire head.

It took 2 evenings of knitting in front of the television set. A testimony to how easy it is. I used a pure wool yarn and 3.25mm circular needles.

I like the design because the “ribbing” is in concentric circles, not like the typical beanie. I have high cheekbones and a slightly broad face. When I wear a typical beanie, I feel like a cone-head.

Guinan provides stretchability and looks like a beret.

Why am I making a woollen hat when I live in tropical Singapore?

Because I am going to Korea on Friday!! I’m climbing Mt Halla at Jeju Island and admiring the autumn foliage at … hmm, I forgot the name of the national park. A lot of outdoor activities and I reckoned I need a nice warm hat.

That’s the beauty of hand knitting. I can make things that suit me. Not only that, the yarn only cost me about S$1.50. Time, well, I’m watching TV anyway.