Postmodern Knitting Language

I encountered a lot of knitting abbreviations at and knitting blogs which I am not familiar with. There doesn’t seem to be glossary at ravelry. It is quite frustrating not being able to totally understand someone.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a short list in Not Tonight Darling, I’m knitting by Betsy Hosegood

The book is not a typically knitting book in that it doesn’t have patterns or instructions. It contains anecdotes and fascinating history of woolly fashion through the decades. It was a fun read. The short list presented below:

FO – finished object
KAT – Knitting against time
KIP – knitting in public
LYS – local yarn shop
NQBE – not quite big enough
SEX – stash enrichment expedition (i.e. shopping for yarn)
YAQ – yarn acquisition quest (a variation on SEX)
SNB – stitch n bitch
TOAD – trashed object, abandoned in disgust
UFO – unfinished object
USO – unstarted object
WCZ – wool-contaminated zone (i.e. yarn stash)
WIP – work in progress

It is really a different sort of language. A postmodern knitting language.