Miracle seed and lasting fragrance for Jesus

Last week, Pastor Prince revealed that this sunday 22 August is going to be Miracle Seed Sunday. Miracle Seed Sunday is an annual sowing event that our church started when we decided to embark on the One-North building project. It was fundraising for the church but it was sowing for [continue reading]

Another Step Closer To Owning My Own House

I saw my Walton consultant Lusi yesterday regarding liquidating a landbanking project I have with her so that I have sufficient cash to finance the downpayment of my house as well as renovation work. I called her a few weeks back and she did some checking for me. Yesterday, she [continue reading]

A Step Closer To Owning My Own House

I went for my first appointment at the Housing Development Board (HDB) on Tuesday 16 June 2009 to process my application to buy a 5-room HDB flat at Yew Tee. Sitting there in front of the HDB officer who was getting us (the buyer and the sellers) to sign this [continue reading]

Lemon Juice + Jesus

The morning light streamed in from the window. I opened my eyes, rolled over and stared at the ceiling. The week has not gone well. Work has been difficult. I am not looking forward to the work day. I whispered a complaint to the Lord, “I’m not happy, why are [continue reading]

Buying An Apartment

I have been house-hunting for nearly 2 years. Elsie and I started looking at 3-room apartments in the town area but the prices were so high. I came close to offering a 3-room at Telok Blangah. But Elsie did not like the location. The apartment block is located on top [continue reading]

Proposed Revised Outline For A Workshop Went Well

I stuck my neck out and proposed a revised outline for an Endnote workshop that was conducted at my school by my colleagues this week. The revision meant breaking the “building the Endnote library” segment into 2 and inserting the Cite While You Write segment in-between. From the Endnote workflow [continue reading]

The Reason For Christmas

The reason for Christmas… It is more than a holiday. It is more than a break from work. It is more than lights and decorations. It is more than singing christmas carols. It is more than going to parties and having fun. It is more than buying gifts and giving [continue reading]

Deeply Loved

How deeply loved am I by Abba God? I came across this story that brought tears to my eyes as I thought of the man’s pain and sacrifice. It overwhelms me. A man went fishing with his teenage son and his son’s friend. A storm came up and capsized the [continue reading]