Kang Kong Recipes

Kangkong recipes stashed! Water spinach has many names but is most commonly called Kang Kong. It is a ubiquitous vegetable in Southeast Asia. It grows easily and quickly and is packed with important vitamins and minerals which is why it is such an important vegetable in Southeast Asia. Many Thai, [continue reading]

Chinese broccoli recipes

Chinese broccoli recipes stashed! Chinese broccoli is more commonly known as gailan (芥兰). Unlike most green leafy vegetables, the stems are nicer than the leaves. They are typically stir-fried with fresh seafood or pork or beef and served with rice. Ingredients 200g chinese broccoli 150g pork belly or streaky bacon [continue reading]

Brussel sprouts recipes or brussels sprouts recipes?

Brussel sprouts recipes stashed! This is one vegetable that will become the love or hate of any child depending on the first time it was served to them. A plate of brussels sprouts by Tobyotter Everyone knows that brussels sprouts are good for us. But they are so tricky to [continue reading]

Bean Sprout Recipes

I have stashed 4 bean sprout recipes here. Both mung bean and soy bean sprouts are cheap, nutritious, versatile, and easy to eat. What more can you ask of these humble sprouts? I like them in spicy tangy salads, soups and quick stir-fries. The recipes stashed here consists of: Bean [continue reading]

Lotus Root Recipes

Lotus root recipes stashed! Lotus root is a popular oriental ingredient. yewenyi on flickr Besides the family’s favourite lotus root soups, it can be prepared in many different ways. Lotus root chips If you have never tried lotus root at all, deep frying them like potato chips might be a [continue reading]

Enoki Mushroom Recipes

Enoki mushroom recipes stashed! Enoki mushrooms is my favorite mushroom. I always have some in my refrigerator. I like the soft crunchy texture and its ability to get sauces and gravies to stick to it. =) It is very versatile too. Throw some into your soup or stir fry it [continue reading]