Singapore Botanic Gardens and Orchid Hybridization

  Orchid hybridization mixes and matches different orchid breeds to create new beautiful blossoms. I am very proud that Singapore Botanic Gardens is a pioneer and is one of the top centres for orchid research and hybridisation. I personally think that naming and presenting a new orchid hybrid to important [continue reading]

Am I a patriotic Singaporean?

National Day is drawing near. The local radio stations saw it fit to start a ritual of broadcasting the “famous” National Day songs, like a countdown to the actual day. This morning, over the radio, I found out that the most popular National Day song, in a recent vote, is [continue reading]

Singapore Postal Codes – revealing the meaning behind the codes

What’s in a number? You may ask. Well, the Singapore postal codes – a 6–digit string of numeral is the backbone of efficient postal delivery by the Singapore Post. For those of you wondering, Singapore postal codes started off life as humble 2 digits. Over the years, it has evolved [continue reading]

How is the Singapore Weather?

Maybe the “how’s the Singapore weather” question should be re-phrased to… how HOT is it in Singapore? Some have said there are only 3 seasons in Singapore, hot, hotter and hottest! It’s not an overstatement to say that it is summer all year round here. And it is not just [continue reading]

Singapore Flag

Singapore flag, Flag of Singapore

The Singapore flag consists of two equal horizontal sections, red above white. In the upper left section is a white crescent moon and 5 white stars forming a circle. I used to stare up at the flag of Singapore flapping on a flag pole for most of my school days [continue reading]

Where is Singapore Map

Where is Singapore? Where is Singapore located? Is it part of China?

Many people think Singapore is part of China, or even Malaysia. Singapore is a country, Singapore is a city. We are an island state, one of the smallest nations in South East Asia, in the same league as sovereign states such as Monaco and of course the Vatican city. Where [continue reading]