G Hotel Standard Room

Photos of G Hotel Singapore

Part of my weekend activity is to visit interesting places in Singapore, and the beautiful old architecture littered around China town and older parts of Singapore has always caught my attention. Some old shop houses are converted into boutique hotels – one of them is G-hotel. A contemporary looking boutique [continue reading]

Looking for last minute hotels? Singapore offer some of the Best Deals

Here are some Tips on how to find last minute hotels in Singapore and more. First Stop: Hotel Review Sites Finding the best deal for a hotel is not that difficult but it does take up a bit of your time to research. But for those last minute vacations, you [continue reading]

Boutique Hotel, Singapore – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When it comes to Boutique hotel, Singapore has it all! And if you are looking for last minute hotels, Singapore offers many more choices. Read on! What’s so “Boutique” about the hotel? Boutique hotels are typically unique properties operated by individuals or companies with a small collection. It is a [continue reading]