Soup For My Spirit On 5 Oct 2008

It seems we have nothing but bad news this year. Earthquakes, diseases (dengue fever, foot and mouth disease, avian flu), floods, hurricanes, global warming, and stock markets disasters.

I try not to think too much of these events because I know that if I ponder over these events seriously, it will surely depressed me.

Yet these things are happening in the world. And they affect me. I can’t just stuck my head in the ground like an ostrich and pretend that they don’t exist.

What should be my response? What should I make of these bad news?

It seems like Pastor knows what is going on in our hearts and minds.

Today, he preached a very relevant sermon. The message reminds me that God is in control and everything that is happening in the world now, He is using to position His church to bring His purpose and plan to fruition. The turmoils in the world, He has foreseen and foretold via His prophets (Ezekiel and John) through visions. They are the 4 winds / spirits / seals / horses mentioned in Ezekiel and Revelations. And God has already set up a protection plan for us.

It is simply amazing!

I can’t wait to get the CD so that I can listen to it again and again.