Sunday Dinner

I have been watching the Asian Food Channel for a couple of months when I spend the weekends at Elsie’s. I do not know when I was bitten by the cooking bug but I did remember thinking to myself, “I can do that” while watching a certain food programme.

I also made a point to cook a soup using the recipes on my soup website. So far I have already tried 2 recipes: shrimp balls soup with mushroom and tomato egg drop soup.

I have already posted about the cooking story for the shrimp balls soup. So here, I am posting the photos of the tomato egg drop soup.

sunday dinner
We were supposed to have rice but Elsie added too much water and the rice became a thick porridge.
It is a good thing that the brinjal/eggplant with minced pork goes well with porridge. Can’t say the same for the soup but then…
…I want to drink soup.