To Be A Feminist

I’m finally back in Singapore after nearly 3 weeks in China.

It is strange that although we look alike and share the same language, there can be so many differences between a Chinese and me. A lot of the differences may be traveller’s shock, but I believe some differences definitely run deeper.

I am not a feminist, but I can easily become one if I reside in China.

I’m for choice. I believe it is a woman’s decision to choose her role in the world, society, workplace and family. If she wants to be a career woman, she should be. If she wants to stay at home and look after the kids, that’s a good choice too. But I realised that there must be a certain amount of freedom to exercise that choice. In a more limiting environment, women may need to be more forceful in order to secure the freedom to exercise choice. And the theoretical grounds for more forcefulness is provided by feminism.

I’m beginning to appreciate Singaporean men more. 🙂