Vintage Blue Car

One of the things I really liked about my stay in Melbourne was the discovery of old vintage cars.

It is very hard to find old vintage cars in Singapore because the government penalizes people who own old cars. That is, cars more than 10 years old. Road tax is higher, insurance is also higher. Cars are expected to undergo car inspection regularly. Older cars are more likely to fail the inspection than newer cars.

As a result, most people do not bother keeping cars after 10 years. And therefore I almost always only see fairly new cars on Singapore roads.

So, when I see old cars like the one below, I get excited. I mean this car is old. I don’t know what’s the make or model but it looks like it is from the 50s. If so, it is older than me. 🙂

old blue car
I tried to get close and take pictures of the interior but the light wasn’t good.

Will I over get to see cars like that in Singapore?