Fuzhou Fishball Soup (福州鱼丸汤)

These fishballs are not what they seem.

One bite and you will experience a burst of juiciness and sweetness of the ground meat filling within.

I love these Fuzhou (fook chow) fishballs 福州鱼丸
This is a classic Fuzhou dish. A small well-marinated pork mix is wrapped with a springy fresh fish paste and shaped into balls.

They are best served in a light broth with generous helpings of green leafy vegetables. I had these with choy sum.

They are so easy to prepare. The fish balls can be found sold frozen in packets in the freezer section or fresh in the refrigerated section of the supermarket.

  1. Bring your soup broth to the boil, add the fishballs and boil until they float to the surface.
  2. Wash and cut your choy sum bunches into 3-inch sections and add them to the soup.
  3. Cook till the vegetables are done.
  4. Garnish with pepper and dash of sesame oil and serve hot!

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