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Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Ideas You Should Try

Compilation of fingerless gloves knitting pattern ideas covering a whole range of construction techniques, with and without thumb gussets. My secret reason for doing fingerless gloves or mitts is because I do not know how to knit up the fingers neatly. I always end up with gaping holes in between the fingers. So, before I learn how to pick up stitches properly and neatly, I shall be contented with making fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves can be knitted up flat or in the round.  The thumb gusset can take different forms…

knitted heart

Free toy knitting patterns I want to try

A list of free toy knitting patterns for monsters, shapes, alphabet, food, plants, sports and vehicles that I have compiled. It is amazing how many knitted toys are animals and teddy bears. But there are so many other knitted toy ideas that I have come across. Since I already have separate lists for toy animals and teddy bears, I decided to create a page dedicated to only toy patterns that are not toy animals, teddy bears or dolls. Why Knit Toys Toys are usually knitted for kids or for those young at hear….

knitted owl

Free Toy Animal Knitting Patterns Compiled

Free toy animal knitting patterns that I compiled while surfing the Internet. I tried to cover a number of animals including domestic and wild animals. Why Knit Toy Animals Knitted toy animals make great gifts especially for non-knitters than socks, sweaters or scarves. You don’t have to worry about their sizes and their fashion preferences. And all kids love toy animals. The smaller-sized toy animals are great yarn busters as they often need only 50 yards or less. They are also quicker to finish. Knitted toys usually feature various types…

Free knitting patterns for dolls I want to knit

A list of free knitting patterns for dolls compiled for my reference.  Move aside Barbie! Here comes hand knitted dolls that are just as fun and lovely. 1. Paton’s Rose Fairy Doll Get the pattern for the rose fairy doll This is such a lovely doll pattern. Perfect for a girly girl whatever her age. 2. Jennie’s Sally the Eco Fairy Get the pattern for Sally the Eco Fairy Sally is such a lovely doll with a very stylish knitted hair. It is not for a beginner although the instructions…

Free Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern Ideas I Want To Try

This is a list of teddy bear knitting pattern ideas that I compiled. I like quirky construction and especially those that can be knitted in one piece although I did include a few patterns that have quite a few pieces to sew up just because they are too cute to omit. Why Knit Teddy Bears? Knitted teddy bears make great gifts especially for non-knitters. Unlike with socks, sweaters and even scarves, you don’t have to worry about their sizes and the recipients’ fashion preferences. Besides, all kids love teddy bears….

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Knitting Pattern for Rosette flower

I just came across this knitted rosette flower pattern and immediately knew I wanted to knit this. A knitted or crochet flower is so versatile. Sew or glue it onto a pin and it becomes a brooch or pin it to a blouse or sweater as an embellishment. Glue on a plain hair clip and it becomes a hair ornament. Pin or tie it to a bag and jazz it up. Or use it as part of a gift wrapper. Instructions The cast on row acts as the edge of…

Japanese Knot Bag - Finished

Knitting pattern for Japanese Knot Bag

This is a knitting pattern for a bag inspired by the Japanese knot bag. It is a clever bag design that requires no extra accessories for closure. A Japanese knot bag is a small roundish bag with 2 handles. It is frequently made with recycled kimono fabric. It is carried with one handle over the other to create an interesting asymmetry. The handles could be of equal length or one could be significantly shorter than the other. In this pattern, I have chosen to knit one handle shorter than the…

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