Knitting Pattern for Rosette flower

I just came across this knitted rosette flower pattern and immediately knew I wanted to knit this.

A knitted or crochet flower is so versatile. Sew or glue it onto a pin and it becomes a brooch or pin it to a blouse or sweater as an embellishment. Glue on a plain hair clip and it becomes a hair ornament. Pin or tie it to a bag and jazz it up. Or use it as part of a gift wrapper.


The cast on row acts as the edge of the rosette, so if you want to have a nice edge in a contrasting colour, A and B should be of different colours. If you do not want the edge in another colour, just use the same yarn for A and B. In the original pattern, Harding uses a metallic yarn for A.

Wrap next st means to move the yarn to the front of the needle, shift the first stitch from the left needle to the right needle, return the yarn to the back of the needle and return the stitch back to the left needle. This is to avoid any gaps between the turning.

With A and larger needles, CO 222 sts. Change to B.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K2, [k1, sl this st back onto left-hand needle, lift the next 8 sts on left-hand needle over this st and off the needle, knit the first st again, k2] 20 times— 62 sts rem.Work short-rows as follows:
Row 3: K54, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 4 and all even-numbered rows through Row 14: Knit to end.
Row 5: K46, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 7: K38, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 9: K30, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 11: K22, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 13: K14, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 15: K6, wrap next st, turn work.
Row 16: Knit to end.
Cut yarn, thread tail through sts on needle, pull tightly to create a rosette, and secure with a few stitches.

The pattern is taken from Knitting in the Details: Charming Designs to Knit and Embellish by Louise Harding. Thinking of buying it? Check it out at

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