Where is Singapore? Where is Singapore located? Is it part of China?

Many people think Singapore is part of China, or even Malaysia.

Singapore is a country, Singapore is a city. We are an island state, one of the smallest nations in South East Asia, in the same league as sovereign states such as Monaco and of course the Vatican city.

Where is Singapore located?

Geographically, Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometres (85 miles) north of the equator.

The tiny island state is usually mistaken as being a part of Malaysia, its neighboring country to the north or a province or city of China.

If you look at the world map, you will find a teeny weeny dot at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, that my dear friend, is Singapore. The printed text “Singapore” is probably larger than the dot itself. Hence, it was nicknamed the “little red dot” by a prominent statesman of a neighbouring state.

Where is Singapore Map
The blue pin marks the spot – Singapore

There are still more unflattering names given to our island, a communist state, authoritarian regime that bans chewing gum, and a ‘fine” city with the various monetary fines meted out generously from any violations ranging from petty offences such as littering.

Singapore leapt into the international media limelight with the Michael Fay incident which sparked off international (actually namely US) furore over the caning of an American teenage for vandalising public property.

Former President Bill Clinton requested for clemency, but unfortunately, that was not to be.

More recently, I have noticed a significant change in people’s mindset. More people are becoming aware of Singapore, as a country and I do feel a sense of pride that we are not being confused with another country.

Singapore is more widely recognized, and I think this is thanks in no small part to the Singapore tourism board’s effort at promoting the country abroad, aggressive marketing of the Uniquely Singapore campaign.

Another milestone would be the legalization of gaming after years of resistance and the successful bidding for the two Integrated Resorts, to be run by Marina Bay Sands, and Genting World Resort respectively.

Singapore also successfully hosted the inaugural Formula 1 grand prix night race in 2008. The first ever night race. That has indeed put Singapore on the international sporting circuit.

Anyway, now you know where Singapore is. So no more excuses! 🙂

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